Who We Are-:

Microblading gives excellent results for:

  • Those wanting to perfect the look of their eyebrows
  • People with thin eyebrows that want a fuller look or those that have overtweezed
    their brows;
  • Asymmetrical brows or someone suffering from alopecia
  • Someone who simply wants to achieve a new look with new eyebrows

Microblading is a work of art: every client’s eyebrows will be customized to her or his
liking, needs and unique facial features. The end result for everyone is tip top brows.

Microblading which is also called 3D tattoo eyebrows, is the new semi-permanent make
up technique to enhance brows.

It is done by using a manual, singleuse disposable blade to draw tiny sharp and crisp
lines that look like natural individual hair strokes to give the impression of fullness and
shape to the eyebrows.

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